Thursday, 18 October 2012

And now for something not entirely different....

Well I've decided to take a break from painting my never ending collection of modern day zombies to paint some fantasy zombies...okay, ultimately this project won't be all about zombies and will actually be me painting fantasy figures for my Pathfinder game....zombies just seemed like the natural starting point.

I've decided to build most of my man-sized monsters for my upcoming Pathfinder game out of miniatures from Mantic Games.  The two big drivers for this are that I really like the Mantic figures and this is a good excuse to get some paint onto some of them and as I'm sure many of you will guess by the 20mm square bases it's also a push to get an updated Vampire Counts army done.

The paint job on these zombies was super quick and easy as I started by undercoating them with Army Painter's 'Barbarian Flesh' spray coat.  This is neither here nor there in terms of painting 5 figures for an RPG but when I want 50-100 of these for my Vampire Counts army it will be a huge time saver.


I can see the darkness is already creeping in...

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