Friday, 19 October 2012

Vroom!  Vroom!

So yesterday I dug out all my unpainted Aberrant Games Warlands stuff and started prepping it for painting.  Before I got stuck in with any projects which are likely to see alot of use I wanted to practice a few techniques on a model which doesn't fit that much into my gaming plans.  Enter; The Utility Truck.

In Warlands gangs take on many forms so the Utility Truck exists to fill alot of different roles; troop transport, supply point, rescue & recovery vehicle, etc.  It's a cool model and if I end up actually playing Warlands I'm sure it will be vital but otherwise it just doesn't quite fit.

The Warlands vehicles scale with 20mm miniatures which means they work fairly well with my Sanctioned Ops' vehicles and they blend in reasonably well with alot of die-cast toy car lines.

I've got 2 dune buggies and a Maxwell V8 Interceptor on my painting table now as well.

Keep watching this space!

From the front it looks like a supercharged Brinks truck.
But from the back it's true heritage is revealed.
Cool looking, but more 'combat resistant' than combat vehicle.

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