Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Zatanna Zatara

Today another cool figure from Reaper's Chronoscope line, this time instead a futuristic soldier we have the lovely Zatanna Zatara.

When I started doing superhero miniature gaming awhile ago I found the Heroclix line to be an excellent source of cool figures at really low prices but unfortunately some of the figures rather than being inexpensive were just straight up cheap, sadly all their Zatanna sculpts were in this category.  What I'm talking about is subpar sculpts with odd proportions and just unappealing overall appearances.  In recent years however alot of miniature companies have been doing a brisk business in look-alikes of various genre characters.

Zatanna was both a great opportunity to add to my collection of Justice League figures as well as an opportunity to test out the new Citadel Texture paint I picked up after work today.  I've got to say that although I still definitely need some practice with it I'm very happy with how it works.


Pick a card, any card.

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