Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back to the drawing board......

In my experience 99% of the time someone refers to a model they are painting as a "test model" what they really mean is they're going to hammer out their paint scheme on that model and then apply it across a squad/gang/unit/army/etc.  I think for the first time in my time in the hobby one of my figures just failed the 'test'.

As I mentionned and showed in an earlier post I'm going to be painting up some mercs for a Fallout game with my friend Stan.  I assembled, primed and starting painting my first 3 models as 'test' models and realized pretty early on that as much as I like the body armour the guns and helmets are completely worng for the setting.  Unfortunately as cool as the figures are (UAMC Infantry from Defiance Games) they are not very conversion friendly in the arms/guns area and none of the head options worked for what I wanted...enter Warlord Games and their Bolt Action range.  I've created 2 new test models which still use the great UAMC legs and bodies but are now sporting Bolt Action british heads and in one case the arms and Thompson sub-machine gun as well.  Once I get some paint on these I should be able to figure out how everything blends together and hopefully be able to drive the New California Republic out of my territory!

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Cool figures, but not the right ones for the job.
These boys look like they know a thing or two about the wasteland.

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