Sunday, 7 October 2012

More sci-fi RPG miniatures.

As work continues on miniatures for my upcoming Fallout game it's made me a little nostalgic for days gone by and I decided to dig out a few more figures I had done for RPG and skirmish gaming that do a great job of highlighting the fact that you can often find exactly the right figure when you look a little bit outside the box.

My first 3 figures were used in 3 completely different role-playing games.  First up was my character from a D20 Star Wars RPG game.  He was basically a military character who's background was that he had washed out of Stormtrooper trainning and was now a freelance merc.  The figure is from the VOID miniature line.  Due to an extremely lucky decision to purchase exactly the right item before the finale of our first game session he cemented his position as the combat master in our group.
The second character is a figure I painted for a friend of mine to use in a dark-gothic-future RPG setting.  I needed a female gang-member with an oversized pistol and this miniature from Wargames Foundry's 2000A.D. line fit the bill perfectly.  I had gotten her as part of a bundle deal from Wargames Foundry and always wanted to paint her but until this particular game never really had  use for her.
The final figure in our first group shot was my character from a different RPG set in the same dark-gothic-future universe.  He is a Heroclix model from the Giant-Sized X-Men set.  In his case all I really did was touch up the main body of the figure and repaint the head, other than that he was good to go right out of the package.

The second group is a batch of Heroclix re-paints/touch-ups I had done in preparation for a Gamma World game I was planning to run before my group requested that I run a fantasy RPG maybe there will be some fantasy RPG characters coming to the blog soon.....

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Figures from; VOID, Foundry & Heroclix.  Re-purposed as RPG player-character models.
Still waiting for a game to use these in......

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