Thursday, 11 October 2012

Back to the studio for more zombies!

I decided to take a break from my Fallout mercs for a couple of days and get a few more zombies done.  After my last post I had 4 more zombies to paint to finish Zombie Horde Part 1 by Studio Miniatures.

Of the remaining four two are done now and I hope to finish off the other two tonight.

One of these guys is a very generic zombie male with shirt, pants & shoes, well sculpted and executed but nothing truly noteworthy.  The second figure however is outstanding, it's funny because I never even noticed him on the box when I bought it.  First up a quick 'warning'; he's wearing an open bathrobe and nothing underneath so if you're offended by zombie junk hanging out don't scroll down....  Having said that this figure is AMAZING, in addition to the general sense of comedy created by the clothes (or lack thereof) he's wearing bunny slippers and carrying around his coffee mug!  It's one of those figures that really stands out as something more interesting than the norm.

One more post later tonight featuring my last two zombies and then it's a dozen Fallout mercs for tomorrow!


Always dress your best, zombie attacks can happen when you least expect!


  1. Zombie Junk? well, now i can say i have seen everything. those are great models, how many come in a set?

    1. Hi Kev.

      The smaller sets are 8 to a pack. The ones I have are the combo packs (2 of the 8 figure packs +1 bonus figure). Combos are the way to go, that's what that George Romero fig from earlier is.

  2. I've got the all-nekkid Tengu zombies that are actually really great for like Morgue / Hospital victims. Combine them with my Studio Minis Hospital staff etc. and it will make a badass board!

    1. I have the Studio Miniatures set you're talking about (the cast of Scrubs is the other half of the combo btw) and also the hospital patients from Recreational Conflict. So there's a fair bit of stuff with that kind of theme out there to be had.