Sunday, 14 October 2012

Every post-apocalyptic army needs a warlord.

After going back and forth on what I wanted my force leader for Fallout to look like (army officer, the lone wanderer, gang leader, lord humongous, etc) I finally settled on what I think is a fantastic figure that actually fills alot of those descriptions; Ares from the recent Avengers set for Heroclix.

Ares was a model I was extremely happy to get my hands on (he's my favourite Avenger) but unfortunately his build made him appear a bit small compared to other 'brick' type superhero figures in the same scale, in-spite of this he was also a bit too big to fit with a conventional 25 mm force.  However for the role I envsisioned him in for this project he was perfect.  If we assume my mercs are all average sized people then this Ares model would scale out to be approximately 6'9" tall and be built like a weight lifter, in short he looks like the kind of guy who could use a baseball bat to carve out an empire in a lawless society.

To get him ready I re-based him and repainted his flesh and weapons and then just applied a wash over the paint job that was already on his clothes.  I'm very satisfied with the result and have no doubt he will strike fear into the heart of the NCR.


Ready for war!


  1. can we get a pic with him next to some of the other guys for size comparsion

  2. Hi Brad.

    I'm going to do a group shot later this week when they're all done.
    3 more going up on the blog tonight when I get home.