Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gentlemen, your country needs you.

Joining the ranks of my re-based and touched up Heroclix today are; Bucky Barnes & Dum Dum Dugan from the Avengers Movie team packs of Heroclix and The Comedian from The Watchmen set.

When I started out working on these 3 figures I had every intention that they would be joining Ares' Merry Men in my Fallout game but really Bucky is the only one who might fit in, the other two are far too well executed versions of themselves (if that makes any sense) to represent other characters without some conversion work.

At this point I don't really have an intended use for any of these figures but they would work well in a Weird WW2 game if I wanted to use them and I do have a copy of Secrets Of The Third Reich that has been gathering dust for awhile.....I think I may have Sgt Rock and a few of the men of Easy Company in my Heroclix bin now that I think about it......

Bucky-The Comedian-Dum Dum
(Winter Soldier-Peacemaker-A Skrull)

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